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10 tips for sensible systems administration

Ein sehr netter Artikel, der es einfach Wert ist, ihn zu erwähnen. Geschrieben von Martin Streicher im IBM developer Works Blog – großen Dank dafür


Benjamin Franklin: scientist, scholar, statesman, and . . . systems administrator? Yes, 200 years or so before the birth of UNIX®, Franklin scribed sage advice to keep systems humming. Here are 10 of Franklin’s more notable tips.

Ask anyone about Benjamin Franklin, and you’ll likely hear about his experiments with electricity, his participation in the founding of the United States, and his invention of bifocals. Less well known but nonetheless impressive, Franklin also advocated the adoption of paper currency, printed money with innovative anti-counterfeiting techniques, established the United States Postal Service, and formed the colonies‘ first fire department—the Union Fire Company—in Philadelphia in 1736. In fact, centuries before Smokey the Bear, Franklin proffered sound fire safety advice, famously stating, „An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.“ Wise words and pertinent to this very day—especially if you’re a UNIX systems administrator.

Zu den einzelnen Abschnitten:

Franklin on security
Franklin on consistency
Franklin on preparedness
Franklin on frugality
Franklin on information
Franklin on education
Franklin on open source
Franklin on cooperation
Franklin on vendors
Franklin on inevitability

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